What is the IPAT Train Plus resource?

It is a one stop resource to help aspirants prepare for the IPAT exam. We strongly believe that quality trumps quantity in choosing a training resource and we have abided by this guiding principle. Each question in our resource bank is thoroughly researched to be representative of the real test.

What are the topics covered as part of the resource?

All topics tested on the IPAT/IPATO, specifically an extensive coverage of :

  • Numeric Series Problem
    1. Difference based Series
    2. Common Rule Series
    3. Pair Wise Series
    4. Interleaved Series
    5. Power based Series
    6. Exotic Series
  • Math Word Problems
    1. Ratios and Percentages
    2. Work and Time
    3. Geometry
    4. Mixtures and Compounds
    5. Interest and Probability
    6. And more..

What you will get as part of the resource?

  1. Access to 5 real practice tests in the form of 160+ carefully researched questions
  2. Detailed first principles explanations to each question
  3. Speed tips and tricks
  4. All the above available immediately as a secure file download